The Jazz Review

The Jazz Review was a quarterly magazine that was first published in New York City in 1958. The magazine was founded by Nat Hentoff, a renowned jazz historian, author, and critic, and was published until 1961.Image:the-jazz-review-sample-cover

The Jazz Review was dedicated solely to jazz music and its culture. The magazine provided extensive coverage of jazz music's history, reviews of albums, concerts and festivals, interviews with prominent jazz musicians, and essays on jazz criticism.

Throughout its publication period, The Jazz Review remained a prestigious forum for jazz musicians and intellectuals. The magazine featured articles by renowned jazz writers such as LeRoi Jones, Amiri Baraka, Martin Williams and Ralph Ellison. It also offered literary contributions from celebrated writers such as Jack Kerouac and Kenneth Rexroth.

The Jazz Review was known for its sophisticated and intellectual approach to covering jazz music. The magazine was praised for its analytical tone, original research, and insightful reviews. The Jazz Review was considered as a premier journal for jazz scholarship and intellectual discourse.

Today, The Jazz Review remains an important source for jazz music history and criticism. Many of its articles and essays have been reprinted in subsequent collections, and the magazine is recognized as one of the most influential publications in jazz music's history.{{Categories}}

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