The Journal of World War II Wargaming

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The Journal of World War II Wargaming (JWW) is a quarterly magazine that covers historical wargaming of the Second World War. It was established in 2010 by Jim Werbaneth, a wargamer with extensive experience in both playing and designing World War II wargames.

The magazine's coverage includes a wide range of World War II gaming topics, including gaming scenarios, historic battle analyses, reviews of games and miniatures, articles on game design, and interviews with notable figures in the wargaming community.

JWW features articles by both seasoned wargamers and newcomers to the hobby, and aims to provide informative and engaging content for readers of all skill levels. The magazine's high-quality printing and layout have been praised by readers and reviewers alike.

In addition to its print edition, JWW also publishes online articles and podcasts about World War II wargaming. The magazine has developed a loyal following within the wargaming community and is considered one of the leading publications on the subject.

JWW is available for purchase both in print and digital formats. The magazine's editorial staff is committed to providing a high-quality and informative publication for wargaming enthusiasts around the world.{{Categories}}

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