The Magazine of American History

The Magazine of American History is a historical magazine that focused on a broad range of topics related to American history and culture, including politics, society, and notable figures. It was founded in 1877 by Martha Joanna Lamb and is published by the Historical Publication Company.Image:the-magazine-of-american-history-sample-cover

The magazine features a mix of original articles, archival materials, and book reviews, covering topics such as the American Revolution, the Civil War, and the suffrage movement. It offers a unique perspective on American history, serving as a historical resource for scholars, researchers, and history enthusiasts alike.

Over the years, the magazine has published numerous notable pieces, including articles written by noted historians and authors such as Henry Cabot Lodge, Henry Adams, and Theodore Roosevelt. It has also included first-hand accounts written by figures such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Today, The Magazine of American History continues to serve as a respected historical publication, providing in-depth coverage of American history and culture. Its archives and articles offer valuable insight into the events and people that have shaped the United States over the centuries.{{Categories}}

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