The Master Skier

The Master Skier is a magazine dedicated to cross-country skiing. It was first published in the early 1980s by John Caldwell, a former Olympic skier and cross-country ski coach.Image:the-master-skier-sample-cover

The Master Skier provides readers with articles, instruction, and advice on a range of cross-country skiing topics. These include technique, training, gear, and nutrition. The magazine also features profiles of skiers, events, and destinations of interest to cross-country skiers.

The Master Skier is known for its high-quality photography and illustrations, with many of its images used to illustrate its articles and inspire readers. The magazine has also been recognized for its editorial excellence, winning several awards over the years.

Despite the popularity of alpine skiing, The Master Skier has enjoyed a loyal following among cross-country skiing enthusiasts. The magazine has been credited with helping to popularize the sport in North America, particularly in the United States.

The Master Skier is published four times a year and continues to be a leading source of information and inspiration for cross-country skiers of all levels. With its focus on excellence and innovation, The Master Skier is a testament to the passion and commitment of cross-country skiing enthusiasts worldwide.{{Categories}}

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