The Menorah Journal

The Menorah Journal was an American Jewish literary magazine that was published quarterly from 1915 to 1962. The magazine was known for its literary content and its promotion of Jewish culture and heritage.Image:the-menorah-journal-sample-cover


The Menorah Journal was founded in 1915 by a group of American Jewish intellectuals, including Henry Hurwitz, Ludwig Vogelstein, and Horace Kallen. The goal of the magazine was to promote Jewish culture and heritage through literature and art.

Over the years, The Menorah Journal featured the works of many prominent Jewish writers and thinkers, including Albert Einstein, Franz Kafka, and Isaac Bashevis Singer. The magazine also provided a platform for emerging writers to showcase their work.

Content and Features

The Menorah Journal contained a wide range of literary content, including poetry, fiction, and essays. The magazine also featured artwork and photography related to Jewish culture and history.

The Menorah Journal was known for its high-quality content, and its contributions to American Jewish literature are still recognized and celebrated today.

Reputation and Popularity

The Menorah Journal was one of the most significant Jewish literary magazines of the 20th century. Its promotion of Jewish culture and heritage through literature and art helped shape the perception and understanding of the American Jewish community.

While the magazine was not widely read outside of the Jewish community, its influence on Jewish literature and art was significant and enduring.


The Menorah Journal remains an important part of American Jewish literary history. Its contributions to the promotion and celebration of Jewish culture and heritage through literature and art continue to be remembered and celebrated today.

The Menorah Journal serves as a testament to the enduring importance of literature and art in Jewish culture and the significant influence that a small group of dedicated intellectuals can have on the world.{{Categories}}

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