The Metaphysical Magazine

The Metaphysical Magazine was a monthly publication that focused on spirituality and metaphysical topics. It was published in the United States from 1895 to 1905.Image:the-metaphysical-magazine-sample-cover

The magazine was founded by Leander Edmund Whipple and William James. It covered a range of topics related to spirituality, including mysticism, psychic phenomena, and the study of esoteric philosophies. The magazine was known for featuring articles from both well-known and obscure writers.

The Metaphysical Magazine also featured contributions from philosophers and spiritualists such as William James, Ada V. Dwyer, Thomas Troward, William Walker Atkinson, and many others. It provided a platform for readers to explore and discuss spiritual topics, with a focus on spiritual growth and development.

Throughout its publication, the magazine underwent several changes to its name, merging at one point with another publication, "Mind," to become "Mind and Metaphysics." During its run, The Metaphysical Magazine covered a broad range of spiritual topics that were considered progressive and forward-thinking for its time, influencing the evolution of the spiritual and metaphysical movements.

The Magazine ceased publication around 1905, but its impact on the spiritual community was far-reaching. The publication of The Metaphysical Magazine marked the beginning of a new era of spirituality and helped pave the way for a growing interest in the study of the human mind and consciousness.{{Categories}}

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