The Millennial Harbinger

The Millennial Harbinger was a religious magazine founded by Alexander Campbell in 1830 in Bethany, Virginia (now West Virginia), United States. The magazine was published monthly and focused primarily on religious topics.Image:the-millennial-harbinger-sample-cover

The Millennial Harbinger played an important role in the development of the Restoration Movement, which sought to restore the church to its original New Testament form. Campbell's teachings and writings, including those in the Millennial Harbinger, helped to shape the beliefs and practices of the movement.

The magazine featured articles by Campbell and other Restoration Movement leaders, as well as articles by writers from other denominations. The content of the magazine covered a wide range of religious topics, including theology, history, and current events. The Millennial Harbinger also included book reviews, poetry, and letters from readers.

The magazine ceased publication in 1870, but its impact on religious thought and practice continued to be felt for decades to come. Today, the Millennial Harbinger is recognized as an important historical document, offering insights into the beliefs and values of the Restoration Movement during its formative years.

Despite its relatively short publication history, the Millennial Harbinger remains an important source of information and inspiration for scholars, historians, and religious leaders interested in the Restoration Movement and its impact on American religious life.{{Categories}}

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