The Minnesota Independent

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The Minnesota Independent, also known as MnIndy, was an online news publication covering politics, social issues, and culture in the state of Minnesota, United States.

Founded in 2006 by Andrew Haeg and Robin Marty, The Minnesota Independent operated as an independent nonprofit news outlet, with a mission to "provide in-depth coverage of vital issues that affect the state's citizens, progressive community organizations, and public officials."

The Minnesota Independent covered many topics, including education policy, climate change, voting rights, health care, immigration policy, and racial justice. The publication produced original reporting, as well as aggregating content from other news sources and providing commentary on current events.

In 2012, The Minnesota Independent ceased publication due to financial difficulties, although some of the publication's archives remain available online today. The Minnesota Independent was recognized for its high-quality reporting and received several awards for its journalism, including recognition from the Minnesota Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.

In addition to its news content, The Minnesota Independent also maintained a community-driven blog called The UpTake, which allowed readers to contribute their own perspectives and reporting on issues affecting their communities. The UpTake continues to operate as a separate news outlet today.

The Minnesota Independent played an important role in Minnesota's media landscape, providing a progressive voice and in-depth reporting on issues that were often overlooked by mainstream news outlets. Its legacy continues to inspire independent nonprofit news organizations around the state and the country.{{Categories}}

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