The Monthly Aspectarian

The Monthly Aspectarian is a spiritual and holistic magazine, focusing on alternative health, wellness, and conscious living. The magazine was first published as a monthly newsletter in Chicago, United States, in 1987 by Peggy Wolff and Michael Kutza, a spiritual educator and filmmaker. Today, The Monthly Aspectarian is published 11 times a year and has a strong presence in the Midwest region of the United States.Image:the-monthly-aspectarian-sample-cover

The magazine's content is centered around spiritual and holistic practices that promote mind-body healing, including articles on astrology, meditation, energy healing, natural remedies, and psychology. The Monthly Aspectarian also features interviews with notable figures in the spiritual and holistic communities, book reviews, and listings of upcoming events, workshops, and courses related to personal growth and well-being.

The Monthly Aspectarian has been praised for its focus on raising awareness of spiritual and holistic practices and sharing knowledge and insights with its readers. The magazine has won multiple awards over the years, including the prestigious Folio Awards in the United States.

In addition to its print edition, The Monthly Aspectarian has a digital presence on its website and social media platforms, where readers can find articles, event listings, and community updates. The magazine also hosts its own events and workshops, providing a platform for readers to connect with each other and deepen their understanding of spiritual and holistic practices.{{Categories}}

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