The Moving Arts Film Journal

The Moving Arts Film Journal is a quarterly online magazine that focuses on independent and international cinema. Founded by film scholars and critics Jason A. Hill and Ricardo Pinto, the journal was first published in 2012.Image:the-moving-arts-film-journal-sample-cover

The magazine's content centers on reviews, interviews, and critical essays on a wide range of films, from contemporary releases to classic cinema. The publication distinguishes itself by its focus on in-depth analysis and film theory, with contributions from established film scholars as well as up-and-coming critics.

The Moving Arts Film Journal also places particular emphasis on underrepresented voices in film criticism, including women, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. The magazine has published several themed issues, including issues on queer cinema, Middle Eastern cinema, and indigenous filmmakers.

In addition to its quarterly online publication, The Moving Arts Film Journal also maintains an active online presence, featuring web-exclusive content and links to film-related events and resources.

The Moving Arts Film Journal has been praised for its high-quality writing and its commitment to promoting diverse perspectives in film criticism. Its founders' passion for independent and international cinema has created a respected publication that is valued by film aficionados and scholars alike.{{Categories}}

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