The Mysterious Traveler

The Mysterious Traveler was a pulp magazine that published short stories in the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres. The publication was founded in 1943 by Better Publications, and had a total of 58 issues before it ceased publication in 1957.Image:the-mysterious-traveler-sample-cover

The stories in The Mysterious Traveler often featured supernatural or otherworldly elements, and were written by some of the most prominent and influential writers of the time. Notable contributors included Isaac Asimov, Robert Bloch, and Robert Sheckley.

The magazine's cover art was also noteworthy, featuring striking and imaginative illustrations that often depicted the fantastical or macabre elements of the stories within.

The Mysterious Traveler was part of the larger pulp fiction industry that flourished in the United States in the mid-20th century, and it remains a fascinating and influential example of the genre. The magazine's legacy can be seen in the ongoing popularity of science fiction, fantasy, and horror literature, as well as in the many adaptations of its stories for film and television.{{Categories}}

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