The New Armenia

The New Armenia magazine was an Armenian-American monthly publication founded in 1918 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The magazine was created to serve as a source of information and a platform for discussion for Armenian-Americans. Image:the-new-armenia-sample-cover

The magazine covered a wide range of topics, including politics, history, literature, and culture. Its content was often written in both Armenian and English to ensure readers of both languages could access the information.

The New Armenia played an important role in promoting Armenian-American culture and identity, as well as advocating for Armenian Genocide recognition, a major issue for the Armenian community. The magazine also supported the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, a political party focused on gaining independence for Armenia and the Armenian people.

Throughout its history, The New Armenia faced significant financial challenges. The magazine suspended production from 1921-1923 due to financial difficulties, and faced numerous other periods of struggle over the years.

Despite these challenges, The New Armenia remained in publication for over 80 years. The magazine's final issue was published in the year 2000. Today, The New Armenia is remembered as an important voice for the Armenian-American community and a cultural landmark.{{Categories}}

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