The Nose

The Nose was a literary magazine published twice a year in the United States from 1968 to 1980. The magazine was based in San Francisco and focused on publishing experimental and avant-garde literature and art.Image:the-nose-sample-cover

The Nose was founded in 1968 by a group of writers and artists of the San Francisco Bay area. The magazine's editorial board comprised various established artists and poets who were champions of the counterculture movement, including Bob Kaufman and Neeli Cherkovski.

The Nose published works of emerging authors, including Charles Bukowski, Bobbie Louise Hawkins, and Jack Micheline. The magazine featured avant-garde prose, poetry, and art along with interviews with counterculture artists, literary reviews, and essays on art and politics.

The magazine's main motivation was to be a platform for the avant-garde, experimental, and marginal in literature and art. The magazine was particularly interested in work that pushed boundaries, broke with traditional literary forms, and embodied a sense of resistance and rebellion.

Despite its relatively short run, The Nose became an influential magazine that paved the way for experimental literature and art. The magazine's legacy was still felt in San Francisco's literary scene in the 1970s and beyond.{{Categories}}

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