The Phoenix

The Phoenix was a pacifist magazine focused on issues of social justice and peace. The magazine was published by the American Friends Service Committee, a Quaker organization, and ran from 1936 to 1968.Image:the-phoenix-sample-cover

Throughout its publication, The Phoenix featured articles and opinion pieces on a range of topics related to peace and nonviolence. The magazine covered issues such as nuclear disarmament, civil rights, labor rights, and the Vietnam War. The journal also included essays, poetry, and artwork from prominent writers and artists in the peace movement.

The Phoenix played a significant role in the pacifist and anti-war movements of the mid-20th century. The magazine's readership was primarily made up of Quakers and other peace activists, but it also had a wider readership among those interested in social justice issues.

Over its more than 30-year run, The Phoenix underwent several changes, including a redesign of its format and a shift in its editorial focus. However, its commitment to promoting nonviolence and social justice remained constant.

The final issue of The Phoenix was published in September 1968, but the magazine's legacy as a voice for pacifism and social justice continues to inspire readers and activists today.{{Categories}}

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