The Presbyterian Guardian

The Presbyterian Guardian was a monthly publication of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC), a conservative Reformed denomination in the United States. The magazine was founded in 1935 by J. Gresham Machen, a prominent theologian and founder of the OPC.magazine-cover-not-available.png

The Presbyterian Guardian served as the official magazine of the OPC, providing news, commentary, and analysis on issues relevant to the denomination and the broader Christian community. The magazine was known for its conservative stance on theological and social issues, and often addressed controversial topics in the church.

Over the years, The Presbyterian Guardian became an important voice within the OPC and the wider Reformed community, with contributions from prominent theologians, pastors, and scholars. The magazine also played a significant role in shaping the OPC's theological identity and preserving its historic confessional standards.

In 1980, The Presbyterian Guardian merged with the magazine New Horizons to form the current publication New Horizons in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, which continues to serve as the official magazine of the OPC.

Despite its discontinuation, The Presbyterian Guardian played a significant role in the OPC's history and development, and its legacy can still be seen in the current publication. The magazine's archives remain a valuable resource for researchers, theologians, and historians of the Reformed tradition.{{Categories}}

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