The Ring En Español

The Ring En Español is a Spanish-language sports magazine widely known for its focus on the sport of boxing.Image:the-ring-en-español-sample-cover


Ring En Español is renowned for its comprehensive coverage of boxing, targeting largely Spanish-speaking fans of the sport. The magazine features an array of in-depth interviews, match previews, analytical articles, historical insights and fight reports, all centered around both international and local Spanish-speaking boxers.

Publication History

Dating back to its inception, Ring En Español was birthed as a sister publication to The Ring magazine, an iconic American boxing magazine. The objective was to cater to the passionate and large Latino population that followed boxing in both the United States and wider Latin America.

The magazine played an essential role in championing and highlighting Latin American and Spanish-speaking boxers in a time where English-speaking media largely dominated sports journalism. Its coverage extended from established champions to promising up-and-comers, providing a platform for these athletes within the boxing community.

Over the years, the popularity of Ring En Español has grown not only in the United States but also in Boxing-passionate Latino countries, becoming an essential source of information and insight relating to the sport in the Spanish-speaking world.{{Categories}}

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