The Rocket

The Rocket was a free biweekly music magazine based in Seattle, United States, covering the music and culture scene of the Pacific Northwest.Image:the-rocket-sample-cover


The Rocket's content was an eclectic blend reflecting the vibrant music and arts scene of the Pacific Northwest. It featured local music news, band interviews, reviews for albums and live shows, and extensive event listings. It also showcased content covering film, fashion, comics, and culture, mirroring the varied interests of its readership.

Notable for its support of local music, The Rocket was one of the first publications to cover the burgeoning Seattle music scene in the 80s and 90s, including bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden before their rise to global fame.

The Rocket further distinguished itself with its striking cover art, often featuring work from prominent local and national artists.

Publication History

Launched in 1979 by Robert McChesney, The Rocket became a periodical fixture in the burgeoning music scene of Seattle and the larger Pacific Northwest. Its significance in documenting the rise and evolution of the 'grunge' movement has made it an integral part of rock music history.

During its publication run till 2000, The Rocket had various owners and saw highs and lows in its circulation, but its influence on the music scene remained unabated.{{Categories}}

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