The Skateboard Mag

The Skateboard Mag was a monthly American skateboarding magazine, published from 2004 to 2017. It was established by a group of professional skateboarders and industry leaders looking to create a different type of skateboarding publication.Image:the-skateboard-mag-sample-cover


The Skateboard Mag provided extensive coverage of the global skateboarding scene. It included features on professional skateboarders, detailed articles on skateboarding gear and equipment, skate park reviews, and event coverage. The magazine was known for its high-quality photography that captured the athleticism and artistry of skateboarding.

Publication History

The Skateboard Mag was founded by a team of renowned figures from the skateboarding industry, including professional skateboarders Steve Berra and Eric Koston, industry stalwart Mike Mihaly, and legendary skateboard photographers Atiba Jefferson and Dave Swift. The main goal was to present skateboarding in its purest form and the team emphasized authenticity and passion over commercial interests.

In 2016, the magazine was acquired by Dwindle Distribution but continued to operate under its distinct brand. Unfortunately, due to changing industry dynamics and a shift to digital media, The Skateboard Mag ceased publication in 2017. However, it left a legacy of pushing skateboarding media forward and captivated a generation with its genuine depiction of the sport.{{Categories}}

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