The Sphinx

The Sphinx is an esteemed quarterly magazine primarily intended for members of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity.Image:the-sphinx-sample-cover

History and Profile

First published in 1914, The Sphinx is considered the second oldest continuously published African American magazine in the United States. The magazine serves as the official voice of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, which was established at Cornell University in 1906 and is the first intercollegiate historically African American fraternity.


The Sphinx features content that is of interest to its fraternity members and highlights achievements of the fraternity and its members. Over the years, it has focused on social issues vital to African Americans and highlighted leading figures and events within the African American community. Apart from fraternity-specific content, issues often include articles pertaining to broader social, academic and political issues.


With over a century of operation, The Sphinx has remained a significant outlet for nurturing intellectual discourse among fraternity members and as a historical record of the fraternity's activities. It has continuously played a significant role in highlighting African American achievements and illuminating key social issues within the community.{{Categories}}

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