The Stamp Collector's Record

The Stamp Collector's Record was the first philatelic magazine published in the United States. Established by John Nickalls and John W. Klein in 1864, it concentrated entirely on philately, catering to the interests of stamp collectors nationwide.Image:the-stamp-collectors-record-sample-cover

Founders and Publication History

The Stamp Collector's Record was the brainchild of John Nickalls and John W. Klein, two notable stamp enthusiasts of their era. The magazine was published in New York for almost eight years, with its final issue appearing in March 1872.

Content and Format

The publication focused primarily on the lively and growing hobby of stamp collecting, a pursuit gaining traction in the mid-19th century. Rich in informative content, it provided its readers with comprehensive insights into existing and new stamp releases, both domestically and internationally, along with the historical context surrounding these issues.

The magazine also carried articles on stamp valuation, trading tips, and techniques for preserving stamp collections. It communicated news and updates within the philatelic community and often contained letters to the editor from prominent stamp collectors sharing their unique insights and discoveries.

Impact within the Philatelic Community

The Stamp Collector's Record, during its publication run, played an instrumental role in encouraging and fostering the hobby of stamp collecting within the United States. It provided a dedicated platform for newbies and seasoned collectors alike, developing a sense of camaraderie among its readership.

The magazine's proactive stance in providing product knowledge and fostering discussions contributed significantly to the growth and development of philately in the U.S, despite its relatively short run.{{Categories}}

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