The Texas Ranger

The Texas Ranger is a bi-monthly magazine that is published by the Texas Department of Public Safety Officers Association that provides information about the activities of Texas Rangers, officers and other law enforcement professionals. Image:the-texas-ranger-sample-cover


The Texas Ranger magazine was first published in 1959 as a quarterly newsletter under the title "The Trailblazer". The magazine remained a quarterly until 1973, when it expanded to six issues per year, then in 1988 it became a bi-monthly magazine.

Content and Features

The Texas Ranger magazine provides insightful information to law enforcement professionals about important events, cases, and investigations involving Texas Rangers, officers and other law enforcement agencies. The magazine covers the latest technologies, equipment, and techniques used by law enforcement agencies.

The magazine also has feature articles that chronicle the history of the Texas Rangers, as well as stories about real-life investigations and captures that have taken place over the years.

Reputation and Popularity

The Texas Ranger is one of the most widely read magazines among law enforcement professionals and the general public. The magazine has a reported circulation of nearly 30,000 readers.

The magazine has won several prestigious awards for its writing, design, and photography, earning regional and national recognition as one of the best law enforcement magazines in the United States.

Online Presence

The Texas Ranger magazine has an online presence that allows its readers to access the print content, as well as receive updated news and features as soon as they are available online. Additionally, subscribers can access the digital version of the magazine for free.

The magazine has several social media accounts that are regularly updated with information relating to its content, as well as outside news and events relevant to the law enforcement community.{{Categories}}

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