Theatre Arts Magazine

Theatre Arts Magazine was a monthly publication that focused on news, reviews, and features related to the world of theater. The magazine was published from 1916 to 1964 and was widely regarded as one of the leading publications in its field.Image:theatre-arts-magazine-sample-cover


Theatre Arts Magazine was founded in 1916 by Shelley and Guthrie McClintic, with the help of the theatre critic Stark Young. The magazine was created to fill a void in theatre journalism that existed at the time, providing comprehensive coverage of theatre news and events throughout the United States and around the world.

Throughout its history, Theatre Arts Magazine was known for its in-depth reporting and coverage of theatre news, reviews, and features. The magazine included interviews with theatre professionals, reviews of productions, and feature articles on topics related to the theatre industry.

Content and Features

Theatre Arts Magazine focused on theatre news, reviews, and features related to both commercial and non-profit theatre productions. The magazine covered productions on and off Broadway, as well as regional and international productions.

In addition to theatre news and reviews, Theatre Arts Magazine also included feature articles on topics related to the theatre industry, including interviews with actors, directors, and other theatre professionals, as well as coverage of theatre festivals and international productions.

Reputation and Popularity

During its publication, Theatre Arts Magazine was considered one of the leading theatre publications in the United States, with a reputation for comprehensive and insightful coverage of theatre news and events. The magazine was widely read by theatre professionals, including actors, directors, playwrights, and producers, as well as by serious theatre enthusiasts.

Theatre Arts Magazine won numerous awards for its theatre journalism, including multiple Obie Awards, a Pulitzer Prize, and multiple Drama Desk Awards.


Theatre Arts Magazine ceased publication in 1964, after a nearly 50-year run. The magazine was known for its contributions to the world of theatre journalism, including its high-quality reporting, insightful reviews, and comprehensive coverage of theatre news and events.

Theatre Arts Magazine's legacy is still felt in the world of theatre journalism, and the magazine continues to be remembered as a leading publication in its field.{{Categories}}

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