Thrilling Publications

Thrilling Publications was a publishing company that specialized in pulp magazines, comic books, and novels. The company was active in the United States from the 1930s to the 1950s and was one of the most important publishers of pulp fiction in the country.Image:thrilling-publications-sample-cover


Thrilling Publications was founded in 1931 by Ned Pines, a prominent figure in the publishing industry. The company began by publishing pulp magazines, which were cheaply produced periodicals that featured stories of adventure, crime, and romance.

Thrilling Publications quickly became one of the most successful publishers of pulp magazines in the United States. The company was known for its diverse range of titles, which included Westerns, detective stories, science fiction, and horror.


Thrilling Publications published numerous pulp magazines during its existence. Some of the most notable titles included:

In addition to its magazines, Thrilling Publications also published comic books and novels. The company was particularly successful in the comic book market, with titles such as The Black Hood, Blue Beetle, and Captain Midnight.


Thrilling Publications played a significant role in the development of pulp fiction in the United States. The company was known for its high editorial standards, and its magazines featured some of the most talented writers and artists of their time.

In addition to its contributions to pulp fiction, Thrilling Publications also helped to shape the comic book industry. The company's success with characters such as The Black Hood and Blue Beetle inspired numerous imitators and helped to establish the superhero genre.

Decline and Closure

Thrilling Publications faced numerous challenges in the 1950s, including competition from television and the decline of the pulp magazine market. The company attempted to adapt to the changing market by shifting its focus to comic books, but was ultimately unsuccessful.

Thrilling Publications ceased operations in the early 1960s. However, the company's magazines and comic books remain popular among collectors and fans of pulp fiction and comic book history.{{Categories}}

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