Tiger was a weekly boys' adventure paper published in the United Kingdom by Amalgamated Press from 1954-1985. It was one of the most popular British comic books during its publication.Image:tiger-sample-cover


Tiger magazine first appeared on September 11, 1954, and it was initially published by the Amalgamated Press, which later became Fleetway Publications. The magazine was created by Leonard Matthews, who also edited it until 1967. The first issue was 28 pages long and was priced at sixpence. The magazine was printed in a black-and-white format and featured numerous stories of adventure, sports, and war.


Tiger magazine was known for its wide range of content, which included stories about sports, war, and adventure. Some of the most popular characters in the magazine included:

The magazine also featured informative articles about sports, such as football, rugby, cricket, and athletics.


Tiger magazine was an important part of British comics history and has had a lasting impact on the industry. The magazine was known for its high-quality storytelling and artwork, which inspired numerous other British comics. In particular, Roy of the Rovers became one of the most iconic and beloved characters in British comics history.

Decline and Closure

In the 1970s and 1980s, the popularity of Tiger magazine began to decline due to increased competition from other comic books and changing tastes among readers. In 1985, the magazine ceased publication, although some of its characters and stories were carried over into other publications.


Tiger magazine has been revived several times in various forms over the years. In the 1990s, the character of Roy of the Rovers was given his own comic book title, and in 2005, a one-shot special titled "The Best of Tiger" was published. In 2011, Titan Books began publishing a series of collections featuring reprints of Tiger stories and characters.{{Categories}}

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