Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks was a video game magazine that focused on providing readers with tips and tricks for their favorite games. The magazine was published in the United States and was popular during the 1990s and early 2000s.Image:tips-and-tricks-sample-cover


Tips & Tricks was first published in 1994 by High Score Publications. The magazine quickly gained a loyal following among video game enthusiasts, who appreciated its in-depth coverage of games and its focus on providing readers with practical advice to improve their gaming skills.

Over the years, Tips & Tricks published hundreds of issues, featuring articles on a wide range of games across all platforms, from the original Nintendo Entertainment System to the latest consoles and PC games.


Tips & Tricks was organized into several sections, including features on popular games, strategy guides, and cheat codes. Each issue also included sections for letters to the editor, reader-submitted tips, and news and previews of upcoming games.

The magazine was known for its detailed and informative articles, which were often written by experienced gamers and industry insiders. Tips & Tricks also featured high-quality screenshots and artwork to accompany its articles.


Tips & Tricks had a significant impact on the video game industry, particularly among hardcore gamers. The magazine's coverage of popular games and its detailed strategy guides helped to create and shape gaming culture, inspiring players to improve their skills and compete with others.

Moreover, Tips & Tricks played a critical role in the early days of the internet, where its cheat codes, tips, and strategies were often shared online on different forums and websites, making it an influential source of information in the gaming community.


Tips & Tricks experienced a decline in readership during the early 2000s, due in part to the rise of the internet, which made it easier for players to find cheat codes and game guides online. The magazine experienced several ownership changes and was eventually shut down in 2007.{{Categories}}

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