Tomorrow's Man

Tomorrow's Man was a men's magazine that was published in the United States from 1955 until 1967. The magazine focused primarily on fitness, health, and nutrition, and was known for its emphasis on bodybuilding and physical culture.Image:tomorrows-man-sample-cover


Tomorrow's Man was founded in 1955 by Robert Q. Riley, a bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast who had previously worked for a competing magazine, Strength and Health. The magazine quickly established a loyal readership, thanks in part to its focus on the emerging sport of bodybuilding and its coverage of prominent bodybuilders, such as Steve Reeves and Dave Draper.

In addition to its core focus on fitness and bodybuilding, Tomorrow's Man also published articles on men's fashion and grooming, as well as profiles of successful businessmen and athletes. The magazine's editorial staff believed that physical fitness was an essential aspect of male virility and success, and sought to promote this idea through its content.

However, Tomorrow's Man also faced criticism and controversy during its run. The magazine was accused of promoting unrealistic body standards and of objectifying women in its photo spreads and advertisements. These criticisms, along with the rise of feminist activism in the 1960s, contributed to the magazine's declining popularity and eventual demise in 1967.


Tomorrow's Man was primarily a photo-heavy magazine, featuring extensive coverage of bodybuilding competitions and workouts, as well as pictorials of male models and bodybuilders. The magazine also included articles on health and nutrition, as well as profiles of successful men in various fields.

The magazine's editorial staff believed that physical fitness was an essential aspect of masculinity, and sought to promote this message through its content. However, the magazine also received criticism for its emphasis on thinness and muscularity as standards of male attractiveness, and for its objectification of women in its photography.


Tomorrow's Man had a significant influence on the emergence of bodybuilding as a sport and cultural phenomenon in the United States. The magazine helped to popularize the idea of physical fitness as a key aspect of male identity, and contributed to the growing interest in health and fitness among men of all ages.

However, the magazine's emphasis on unrealistic body standards and its objectification of women remain controversial, and have been the subject of ongoing debates about the representation of gender in the media and popular culture.


Tomorrow's Man was a men's magazine that had a significant impact on the cultural landscape of the United States during the mid-20th century. While the magazine{{Categories}}

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