TooSquare was a bi-monthly magazine that aimed to explore the intersection of technology and culture. The magazine was founded in 2015 and was based in San Francisco, California.magazine-cover-not-available.png


TooSquare was founded in 2015 by a group of technology enthusiasts who wanted to start a magazine that focused on the cultural impact of technology. They observed that while technology was rapidly advancing, discussions about its social and political effects were often left out of mainstream discourse.

To address this gap, TooSquare featured articles that explored topics such as online privacy, social media, artificial intelligence, and the sharing economy. The magazine also included interviews with prominent figures in the technology industry, as well as reviews of new gadgets and software.

TooSquare was well-received by readers and critics alike, and was praised for its thoughtful and informative content. However, due to the challenging economic climate for print media, TooSquare ceased publication in 2018 after three years of operation.


TooSquare was primarily a print magazine, with each issue running between 100 and 130 pages. The magazine was also available in digital format for subscribers who preferred to read on their devices.

The magazine's content was divided into several sections, including news and commentary, interviews, features, and reviews. The magazine's design was sleek and modern, with an emphasis on high-quality photography and graphics.

TooSquare was known for its in-depth coverage of topics related to technology and culture, and was often compared to publications like Wired and The Verge.


While TooSquare was only in operation for a few years, it had a significant impact on the conversation around the cultural impact of technology. The magazine provided a space for thoughtful and nuanced discussions about the social and political implications of technological advancements, and helped to raise awareness about important issues such as online privacy and algorithmic bias.

TooSquare also helped to promote a more diverse and inclusive vision of the technology industry, featuring interviews and profiles of women, people of color, and other underrepresented groups in the tech world.


While it was short-lived, TooSquare was an important publication that helped to bridge the gap between technology and culture. The magazine's thoughtful and informative content helped to raise awareness about the social and political implications of technology, and helped to promote a more inclusive vision of the tech industry.{{Categories}}

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