Town Topics

Town Topics is a weekly magazine that is published in Princeton, New Jersey, in the United States. The magazine was founded in 1946 and is still in publication today.Image:town-topics-sample-cover


Town Topics was founded in 1946 by Don Stuart, a former journalist for The New Yorker and Saturday Evening Post. The magazine was originally created as a way to provide news and information to residents of Princeton, New Jersey.

Over the years, Town Topics has expanded its coverage to include other nearby communities in Central New Jersey. The magazine has become a trusted source for news, events, and information in the region.

Town Topics is known for its comprehensive coverage of local news and events, including coverage of local government, schools, and community organizations. The magazine also features profiles of local residents and businesses, as well as coverage of local arts and cultural events.


Town Topics is primarily a print magazine, with over 7,500 copies distributed each week throughout Central New Jersey. The magazine is also available in digital format for subscribers who prefer to read on their devices.

The magazine's content is divided into several sections, including news, sports, arts and entertainment, business, and community news. The magazine's design is clean and professional, with an emphasis on high-quality photography and clear, concise writing.

Town Topics is known for its commitment to accuracy and impartiality in its reporting. The magazine has won numerous awards over the years for its journalism, including several from the New Jersey Press Association.


Town Topics has been a fixture in the Central New Jersey community for over 75 years. The magazine has played a significant role in shaping local culture and providing residents with news and information that is relevant to their daily lives.

Town Topics has also been an important advocate for local businesses and community organizations. The magazine's coverage of local events and developments has helped to raise awareness and support for many important causes in the region.


Town Topics is a respected and influential magazine that has played a vital role in the Central New Jersey community for over 75 years. The magazine's commitment to accuracy, impartiality, and quality journalism has made it a trusted source of news and information for residents of Princeton and the surrounding area.{{Categories}}

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