ToyFare was a monthly magazine that primarily covered the action figure and collectibles industry. The magazine was published in the United States by Wizard Entertainment, from 1997 to 2011.Image:toyfare-sample-cover


ToyFare was first published in 1997, as a spin-off of Wizard: The Guide to Comics magazine. The magazine was created to provide in-depth coverage on the growing popularity of action figures and toy collecting.

ToyFare quickly became one of the most popular magazines in the industry, thanks to its comprehensive coverage, insightful articles, and entertaining features. The magazine was known for its irreverent humor and light-hearted approach to the hobby.

Over the years, ToyFare evolved to cover a wide range of topics related to action figures and collectibles. The magazine provided reviews, previews, and news about the latest toy releases from major manufacturers like Hasbro, Mattel, and McFarlane Toys.

ToyFare also provided coverage of the various comic book and sci-fi conventions throughout the United States, and was known for its special "Exclusives!" section, which showcased limited edition figures and collectibles.


ToyFare was primarily a print magazine, with a print run of around 100,000 copies per issue. The magazine was also available in digital format for subscribers who preferred to read on their devices.

The magazine's content was divided into several sections, including news, product reviews, previews, and feature articles. The magazine's design was colorful and eye-catching, with an emphasis on high-quality photographs and illustrations.

ToyFare was known for its irreverent humor and signature features, including "Twisted ToyFare Theatre," a series of comedic photo comics featuring action figures, and "What If...?", a series of humorous articles that imagined what would happen if certain toy lines were crossed over with other properties.


ToyFare was a beloved magazine for collectors and fans of action figures and collectibles. The magazine played an important role in promoting the hobby and helping to grow the industry.

ToyFare also helped to popularize certain toy lines and characters, and was an important source of news and information for fans of popular franchises like Star Wars, Batman, and Marvel Comics.


ToyFare was a popular and influential magazine that provided in-depth coverage of the action figure and collectibles industry. The magazine's humor, insightful articles, and comprehensive coverage made it a beloved source of information for collectors and fans alike. Even though the magazine is no longer in publication{{Categories}}

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