Trader Monthly

Trader Monthly was a lifestyle magazine that covered the financial industry. The magazine was published monthly in the United States by Doubledown Media from 2004 to 2009.Image:trader-monthly-sample-cover


Trader Monthly was established in 2004, as a magazine for professional traders and investors. The magazine was owned and operated by Doubledown Media, a New York-based media company.

Trader Monthly quickly became one of the most popular business and finance magazines in the United States, thanks to its in-depth coverage of the financial industry, and its focus on the wealthy and successful individuals within the industry.

The magazine gained attention for its annual "Top Traders" list, which ranked the highest-earning traders in the financial industry. The list became a highly-regarded authority on the performance of top traders.


Trader Monthly was primarily a print magazine, with a print run of around 100,000 copies per issue. The magazine was also available in a digital format for subscribers who preferred to read on their devices.

The magazine's content was divided into several sections, including news, product reviews, and feature articles. The magazine's design was sleek and sophisticated, with an emphasis on high-quality photography.

Trader Monthly covered a wide range of financial topics, including stock trading, real estate investing, and venture capital. The magazine's coverage was geared towards wealthy professionals and high-net-worth individuals in the financial industry.


Trader Monthly was a highly-regarded magazine in the financial industry, and played an important role in covering and promoting the industry. The magazine's "Top Traders" list became a highly-respected authority on the financial industry, and helped to launch the careers of many successful traders.

Despite its impact on the financial industry, Trader Monthly ceased publication in 2009, after Doubledown Media filed for bankruptcy.


Trader Monthly was a highly-regarded lifestyle magazine that covered the financial industry. The magazine provided in-depth coverage of financial topics, and was particularly known for its "Top Traders" list, which became a highly-respected authority in the industry. Despite its impact, the magazine ceased publication after its parent company filed for bankruptcy in 2009.{{Categories}}

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