Traditional Home

Traditional Home is a lifestyle magazine that focuses on classic and timeless design styles for the home. The magazine is published bi-monthly in the United States.Image:traditional-home-sample-cover


Traditional Home was established in 1989, as a spin-off of Better Homes and Gardens magazine. The magazine was created to fill a niche in the home design market for individuals interested in traditional and timeless styles.

The magazine quickly gained a large following, as it provided in-depth coverage of traditional home design styles and trends. The magazine was particularly popular with homeowners, decorators, and design enthusiasts.

In 2010, the magazine underwent a major redesign, which included a new logo and updated layout. The redesign was well-received, and helped to modernize the magazine's image while still maintaining its emphasis on classic design styles.


Traditional Home covers a wide range of topics related to home design and decorating. The magazine's content is divided into several sections, including home tours, decorating ideas, shopping guides, and recipes.

The magazine's design style is classic and elegant, with an emphasis on high-quality photography. The magazine features both professional and reader-submitted content, which provides a diverse range of design ideas and inspiration.

Traditional Home is known for its annual "Classic Woman Awards," which honors women who embody classic design styles and are leaders in their fields.


Traditional Home is primarily distributed through subscriptions, which currently number over 750,000. The magazine also has a significant online presence, with an active website that provides additional content and resources for design enthusiasts.

In addition to its print and online content, Traditional Home also hosts a series of events and trade shows throughout the year. These events offer design enthusiasts the opportunity to connect with industry professionals and explore the latest trends in home design.


Traditional Home is a well-respected magazine in the home design industry, and has played an important role in promoting traditional and timeless design styles. The magazine has won numerous awards and accolades for its high-quality content and design, and is highly-regarded among design professionals and enthusiasts.


Traditional Home is a bi-monthly lifestyle magazine that focuses on classic and timeless design styles for the home. The magazine has a long history of providing in-depth coverage of traditional design trends, and has gained a large following among homeowners, decorators, and design enthusiasts. The magazine is highly-regarded in the design industry, and has won numerous awards for its high-quality content and design.{{Categories}}

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