Triumph is a British monthly motorcycle magazine, established in 1902. It is one of the oldest continuously published motorcycle magazines in the world.Image:triumph-sample-cover


Triumph magazine was first published in 1902 under the name of "Motor Cycling," and in 1957 its name changed to "Motor Cycle" with the two words separated. The current title was adopted in 1983.

The magazine has been published continuously since its inception, featuring content related to Triumph motorbikes in the early days, but has broadened its scope over the years to cover all kinds of motorcycles.


Triumph magazine covers a wide range of topics related to motorcycles, including road tests, product reviews, technical articles, and news from the motorcycling world. It features regular columns written by industry experts and enthusiasts.

The magazine has a strong focus on British motorcycles, particularly those produced by the Triumph brand, but it also covers other brands from around the world.

Contributors and Audience

Triumph magazine is staffed by a team of experienced journalists and contributors who are passionate about motorcycles. The magazine is read by a global audience, comprising both enthusiasts and professionals within the motorcycling industry.

Over its long history, Triumph has featured contributions from many notable figures in the motorcycling world, including legends such as Mike Hailwood and John Surtees.

Site and Impact

Triumph magazine is published both in print and online, offering readers a choice of formats to access its content. The magazine's website features additional content, including video reviews, photo galleries, and blogs.

With its long history and reputation within the motorcycling community, Triumph magazine has become a trusted source of information and opinions about motorcycles. Its coverage of Triumph motorbikes, in particular, is highly respected.


Triumph is a British monthly motorcycle magazine, established in 1902. It covers a wide range of topics related to motorcycles and features content related to British motorcycles, particularly the Triumph brand. The magazine is staffed by experienced journalists and contributors and is widely read by both enthusiasts and professionals in the motorcycling world. With its long history and respected reputation, Triumph magazine is one of the most well-regarded publications in the motorcycling industry.{{Categories}}

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