Truckin' (originally known as Truckin' Life) was an American magazine focused on custom trucks and truck customization. The magazine originally catered to a primarily male audience and was known for its highly stylized photography and design.Image:truckin-sample-cover


Truckin' was founded in 1974 and quickly became one of the most popular magazines in the custom truck industry. The magazine's focus was on truck customization and the lifestyle and culture surrounding it, with features on customized rigs, road trips, and a variety of other related topics.

Throughout its history, Truckin' underwent a number of changes in ownership and editorial direction. In 1998, the magazine was sold to Primedia, Inc., which then sold it to Source Interlink Media in 2007. The magazine ceased publication in 2018 after 44 years in business.


Truckin' featured articles, interviews, and reviews related to custom trucks and the culture of truck customization. The magazine also included features on work and vintage trucks, as well as step-by-step guides to help readers modify and customize their own vehicles.

Editors and Contributors

Truckin' was edited by a number of different individuals throughout its history, including Matt Lofton and Dan Ward. The magazine also featured contributions from a variety of writers, photographers, and truck enthusiasts.

Impact and Legacy

Truckin' had a significant impact on the custom truck industry and truck culture more broadly. The magazine helped to popularize the concept of customizing and modifying trucks and brought truck culture into the mainstream.

In addition, Truckin' was known for its distinctive visual style and approach to photography and design. The magazine's highly stylized images helped to elevate the aesthetic of truck customization and set a new standard for similar publications in the industry.


Truckin' was an American magazine focused on custom trucks and truck customization that was founded in 1974. The magazine featured articles, interviews and reviews on customized rigs and helped to bring truck culture into the mainstream. Truckin' was known for its highly stylized photography and design that helped set the aesthetic standard of other publications in the industry.{{Categories}}

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