Trump magazine was an American publication that focused on luxury lifestyle, fashion, and business, with a particular emphasis on the Trump brand. The magazine was published from 2007 to 2009 and was closely linked to the business and political interests of its founder, Donald Trump.Image:trump-sample-cover


Trump Magazine was founded in 2007 by Trump World Media, a subsidiary of the Trump Organization. The magazine was initially distributed for free to guests of Trump-owned hotels, resorts, and golf clubs, and was intended to serve as a high-end lifestyle publication that would promote the Trump brand.

Prior to the launch of Trump Magazine, Trump had experience in the magazine industry, having launched Trump Style and Trump World in the past. However, Trump Magazine was his most ambitious publishing endeavor, with plans to distribute the magazine to a wider audience and compete with other luxury publications.

Despite significant investment in the magazine, including a high-profile launch party at Trump Tower in New York City, Trump Magazine struggled to gain traction in the crowded publishing market. After just two years, the magazine ceased publication, citing the difficult economic climate and declining ad revenue.


Trump Magazine covered a wide range of topics related to luxury lifestyle, including fashion, travel, dining, and business. The magazine also featured interviews and profiles of high-profile individuals in various industries, including entertainment, politics, and business.

Given its close ties to the Trump brand, the magazine also prominently featured stories about the Trump family and their real estate ventures. The magazine included glossy photo spreads of Trump-owned properties, as well as articles about the Trump Organization's business strategies and financial performance.

Editors and Contributors

Trump Magazine was primarily led by Jason Binn, a veteran publisher of luxury magazines who had previously founded Niche Media and Ocean Drive. The magazine also featured contributions from prominent writers and photographers in the luxury lifestyle and business sectors.

In addition, the magazine regularly featured interviews and profiles of high-profile individuals in various industries. Notable individuals who were featured in Trump Magazine included Ivanka Trump, Buzz Aldrin, and Russell Simmons.

Impact and Legacy

Despite its short lifespan, Trump Magazine had a significant impact on the publishing industry and the perception of the Trump brand. The magazine was notable for its high production values and lavish photography, which helped to reinforce the image of luxury and success that the Trump brand sought to promote.

However, Trump Magazine was also criticized for its close ties to the Trump family and the potential for conflicts of interest. Some commentators argued that the magazine was simply a vehicle for promoting the Trump{{Categories}}

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