Truth Magazine


Truth Magazine is a long-standing publication that focuses on Christian apologetics and biblical studies. The magazine was first published in 1945, and it continues to provide readers with valuable insights and analysis today.


Truth Magazine was founded in 1945 by O.C. Lambert, Roy E. Cogdill, and Connie W. Adams. The magazine was originally published in Louisiana and focused on the theme of Christian unity, with a particular emphasis on resisting the influence of denominationalism.

Over time, Truth Magazine evolved to become one of the leading publications in the Church of Christ community. The magazine continued to focus on issues related to unity, as well as biblical studies and Christian apologetics.


Truth Magazine publishes articles written by church leaders and academics, with a focus on issues of theology and biblical interpretation. The magazine's contributors aim to offer readers a deeper understanding of the Bible and Christian doctrine, as well as insights into contemporary issues facing the church.

In addition to articles on biblical studies and theology, Truth Magazine also features reviews of the latest publications in the field, as well as news and announcements related to the Church of Christ community.

Editors and Contributors

Truth Magazine has been edited by a number of respected figures in the Church of Christ community over the years. Founding editor O.C. Lambert served as editor for several years, and was later succeeded by Connie W. Adams, who served as editor for over three decades.

Notable contributors to Truth Magazine over the years have included Church of Christ leaders and academics, such as Thomas B. Warren, Norman L. Parks, and Everett Ferguson.

Impact and Legacy

Truth Magazine has had a significant impact on the Church of Christ community over the years, both in the United States and around the world. The magazine's emphasis on unity and biblical studies has helped to shape the way that many people within the community think about their faith.

Today, Truth Magazine continues to provide readers with insightful analysis and interpretation of the Bible, and it remains one of the most respected publications in the Church of Christ community.{{Categories}}

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