Weekly Reader

Weekly Reader, also known as "Le Petit Écho de la Mode" (French: "The Little Echo of Fashion"), is a well-known publication that focuses on providing current events and engaging articles to young readers. Originally published in France in 1868, it was later introduced in the United States in 1902 as a weekly classroom periodical.Image:weekly-reader-sample-cover


The magazine was founded by French journalist Pierre Lafitte and his wife Antoinette in 1868. Initially, it aimed to provide fashion information to a predominantly female audience, hence the name "Le Petit Écho de la Mode" which roughly translates to "The Little Echo of Fashion" in English. The magazine quickly gained popularity and expanded its content to include a wide range of topics beyond fashion.

In 1902, the publication made its way to the United States, where it was rebranded as Weekly Reader Magazine. Catering to elementary and middle school students, the magazine's goal was to inform and engage young readers while promoting literacy and critical thinking skills.


Weekly Reader Magazine features articles on current events, science, technology, history, and other educational topics. The content is carefully curated to ensure age-appropriateness and cater to the interests of its target audience. The magazine also includes interactive activities, puzzles, and quizzes to enhance learning and engagement.

Over the years, Weekly Reader Magazine has adapted to meet the changing needs of its readership. It has embraced digital platforms, offering online resources and interactive content to supplement the print edition. This transition has allowed the magazine to reach a broader audience while staying true to its commitment to quality educational content.


Since its inception, Weekly Reader Magazine has played a significant role in promoting literacy and fostering a love for reading among young students. By presenting current events and educational topics in an accessible and engaging format, the magazine has helped shape young minds and cultivate a thirst for knowledge.

The magazine has received numerous accolades and recognition for its contribution to education. Teachers and parents alike have praised Weekly Reader Magazine for its ability to spark curiosity, improve reading and comprehension skills, and foster critical thinking.


Weekly Reader Magazine, known as "Le Petit Écho de la Mode" in French, has been a trusted resource for young readers since its establishment in 1868. Through its engaging articles and educational content, the magazine has played a vital role in promoting literacy and nurturing young minds. With its transition to digital platforms.{{Categories}}

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