Weekly Shonen Jump (USA)

Weekly Shonen Jump, also known as "Shonen Jump," is an American manga anthology magazine. It is the English adaptation of the renowned Japanese magazine, Weekly Shonen Jump, published by Shueisha.Image:weekly-shonen-jump-usa-sample-cover


The American edition of Weekly Shonen Jump was first launched on January 30, 2003, by VIZ Media, a prominent North American manga publisher. It aimed to bring popular manga series from Japan to English-speaking readers in a weekly format, similar to the original Japanese magazine.


This magazine features a curated selection of manga series from the Japanese Weekly Shonen Jump. The English edition includes translated versions of popular ongoing manga series, covering a wide range of genres such as action, adventure, comedy, and fantasy. Notable manga series serialized in the American Weekly Shonen Jump include "Naruto," "One Piece," "My Hero Academia," and "Dragon Ball Super."

Distribution and Availability

The magazine is primarily distributed in print form, available for purchase at bookstores, comic shops, and through online retailers. In addition to the physical copies, readers can also access the magazine digitally through various platforms and apps.

Legacy and Influence

Weekly Shonen Jump (American magazine) has had a substantial impact on the manga and anime industry in the English-speaking world. It has introduced countless readers to the world of manga and helped popularize the medium. Many manga series serialized in the magazine have gained significant followings, with dedicated fan communities and successful adaptations into anime series, movies, and merchandise.

Format and Schedule

The American edition of Weekly Shonen Jump, unlike its Japanese counterpart, is released digitally on a weekly basis. Subscribers gain access to the latest chapters and series simultaneously released with the Japanese edition. The digital format allows for convenient and instant access to the magazine's content.{{Categories}}

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