Weekly World News

Weekly World News is an American supermarket tabloid that was published from 1979 to 2007. The magazine specialized in providing sensational stories, conspiracy theories, and bizarre, often fictional, news articles.Image:weekly-world-news-sample-cover


Weekly World News was first published in 1979 by American Media, Inc. The magazine aimed to capture a wide audience by featuring outlandish news stories that were both entertaining and sensational. It became known for its eye-catching headlines and peculiar cover stories.


The magazine's content was largely focused on speculative and imaginative stories, often featuring supernatural events, UFO sightings, conspiracy theories, and celebrity gossip. While some articles were based on real events, many stories were completely fictional and created for entertainment purposes.

Format and Distribution

Weekly World News had a distinctive tabloid format, typically consisting of a front cover featuring a sensational headline and an image related to the story. The inside pages contained a mix of news articles, celebrity gossip, horoscopes, and comics. The magazine was mainly distributed in supermarkets and newsstands across the United States.

Popularity and Cultural Impact

Despite its fictional nature, Weekly World News gained a significant following over the years. Its outrageous stories and humorous approach to news attracted readers who enjoyed the tongue-in-cheek content. It became a pop culture icon and was often parodied and referenced in movies, television shows, and other forms of media.


Weekly World News ceased publication in 2007. The rise of digital media and changing tastes in news consumption led to a decline in sales, resulting in the magazine's discontinuation. However, its legacy as a unique and eccentric publication remains noteworthy.{{Categories}}

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