Whispers is a renowned publication that caters to paranormal enthusiasts, exploring various aspects of the supernatural and the unexplained.Image:whispers-sample-cover


Whispers Magazine was established in 1973 by Richard Johnson, a passionate researcher and writer in the field of paranormal phenomena. Initially known as "Le Journal des Mystères," the magazine was dedicated to investigating and reporting on supernatural occurrences and mysteries.


Whispers Magazine covers a broad range of subjects related to the paranormal, including ghost stories, psychic phenomena, UFO sightings, cryptozoology, and conspiracy theories. The magazine aims to provide readers with thought-provoking articles, interviews with experts, eyewitness accounts, and investigative reports concerning the unexplained.

International Reach

While originally published in French as "Le Journal des Mystères," Whispers Magazine expanded its readership by introducing an English edition in 1981. The magazine continued to gain popularity worldwide, attracting a diverse audience of individuals intrigued by the mysteries of the supernatural.

Contributors and Experts

Whispers Magazine has collaborated with various renowned experts and researchers in the field of paranormal studies. The publication features contributions from respected authors, investigators, and skeptics who offer their insights and analysis on different paranormal phenomena.

Impact and Legacy

Whispers Magazine has had a significant impact on the paranormal community, serving as a valuable resource for enthusiasts and researchers alike. It has inspired generations of individuals to delve deeper into the realms of the unknown, contributing to the ongoing exploration and understanding of the supernatural.

Contemporary Reach

In the digital age, Whispers Magazine has embraced online platforms to complement its print publication. The magazine maintains a website that offers additional content, exclusive interviews, and a forum for readers to share their personal experiences and engage in discussions surrounding paranormal topics.


Over the years, Whispers Magazine has garnered recognition for its contributions to the paranormal field. It has received accolades for its high-quality journalism, engaging content, and commitment to fostering open-mindedness and critical thinking within the paranormal community.{{Categories}}

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