White Wolf

White Wolf was a popular tabletop gaming magazine that focused on role-playing games and related content. Image:white-wolf-sample-cover


White Wolf magazine was first published in 1986 by White Wolf Publishing, an American game company founded by Mark Rein┬ĚHagen. The magazine served as a platform for discussing and promoting the company's role-playing games and accessories, as well as providing gaming resources and articles of interest to the tabletop gaming community.


The magazine featured a wide range of articles aimed at tabletop gamers. These articles covered various aspects of role-playing games, including game mechanics, character creation, campaign settings, adventure modules, and interviews with game designers. White Wolf Magazine offered a mix of original content, reader-submitted articles, and reviews of other gaming products.

One of the most notable series featured in White Wolf Magazine was "World of Darkness," a fictional, horror-themed setting that spawned several popular role-playing games, including "Vampire: The Masquerade," "Werewolf: The Apocalypse," and "Mage: The Ascension." These games gained a strong following and had dedicated sections in the magazine, providing supplemental materials, updates, and expansions to the game lines' core rulebooks.

Collaboration and Contributors

White Wolf Magazine collaborated with game designers, authors, and illustrators within the tabletop gaming community to create diverse and engaging content. Notable contributors included Stewart Wieck, Neil Gaiman, and Bill Bridges, among others. The magazine offered aspiring writers and artists opportunities to showcase their work and gain recognition in the gaming industry.

Influence and Legacy

White Wolf Magazine played a significant role in popularizing the World of Darkness series and contributing to the growth of tabletop gaming during the late 1980s and 1990s. It helped establish White Wolf Publishing as a prominent game company and became a trusted source for gaming enthusiasts seeking in-depth and reliable content.


In 1996, White Wolf Publishing made the decision to discontinue White Wolf Magazine. The company shifted its focus towards publishing standalone role-playing game books, sourcebooks, and supplements. While White Wolf Magazine is no longer in circulation, it remains a cherished piece of gaming history for enthusiasts who fondly remember its contributions to the tabletop gaming community.{{Categories}}

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