Who Put the Bomp

Who Put the Bomp was an influential music magazine that focused on the history, analysis, and appreciation of rock and roll and related genres. Image:who-put-the-bomp-sample-cover


Who Put the Bomp Magazine, originally known as "Who Put the Bomp" in its native Dutch language, was founded in 1970 by Greg Shaw. The magazine was published in the United States and served as a platform for alternative and underground music during its active years.


The magazine featured articles, reviews, and interviews that provided in-depth analysis and commentary on various aspects of rock and roll music. It covered a wide range of genres, including but not limited to, garage rock, punk rock, power pop, and psychedelic rock. Who Put the Bomp Magazine celebrated unconventional and lesser-known artists, offering a counter-cultural perspective on the music industry.


Who Put the Bomp Magazine was known for its thought-provoking articles and essays that explored the historical, cultural, and social significance of rock and roll. It showcased obscure record labels, highlighted rare recordings, and shared insights into the music industry from both established and emerging artists. The magazine's content appealed to music enthusiasts looking for a deeper understanding of the genre beyond mainstream offerings.

Influence and Legacy

Who Put the Bomp Magazine left an indelible mark on the music journalism scene. It played a crucial role in championing underground music and nurturing a vibrant music community that extended beyond mainstream commercial success. The magazine fostered a sense of community and inspired musicians and fans alike to explore and appreciate music that often fell outside the boundaries of popular recognition.


After a successful run, the publication of Who Put the Bomp Magazine ceased in 1979. While the magazine is no longer in circulation, it remains highly regarded among music aficionados and collectors, serving as a testament to its influence in expanding the boundaries of rock and roll music coverage.{{Categories}}

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