Wholphin was a quarterly DVD magazine that featured a curated collection of short films, documentaries, and other cinematic content.Image:wholphin-sample-cover

Origin and Concept

Wholphin was launched in 2005 by Dave Eggers and Brent Hoff, co-founders of McSweeney's Publishing. The magazine aimed to showcase rare and unconventional films that were not widely available to the public. Each issue included a selection of unique, thought-provoking, and often experimental works from both established and emerging filmmakers.

Format and Distribution

Wholphin adopted a unique format, distributing its content exclusively on DVD. Each issue featured a compilation of films that covered various genres, including fiction, non-fiction, animation, and experimental. It provided a platform for filmmakers to showcase their work to a wider audience.

Notable Films and Contributors

Throughout its publication, Wholphin featured notable films and contributions from acclaimed directors, actors, and artists. It showcased works from filmmakers like Spike Jonze, Miranda July, David O'Reilly, and Joaquin Phoenix, among others. The magazine served as a breeding ground for innovative storytelling and a platform for emerging talents in the film industry.

Awards and Recognition

Wholphin received critical acclaim and garnered recognition for its unique concept and selection of films. It received several awards, including a National Magazine Award for Best Design and a Webby Award for Best Online Film and Video.


After a successful run of 10 issues, Wholphin ceased publication in 2012 due to changes in the media landscape and the decline of physical media formats. The magazine played an important role in expanding the accessibility and appreciation of independent and unconventional cinema during its existence.{{Categories}}

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