WorldRadio magazine was a reputable publication dedicated to the world of radio broadcasting.Image:worldradio-sample-cover.webp

Origin and Mission

WorldRadio magazine originated in France in 1992 under the native name "Mondoradio: le magazine mondial." It aimed to provide comprehensive coverage and analysis of the radio industry globally, including technological advancements, programming trends, and regulatory developments.

Content and Features

The magazine featured in-depth articles written by experienced journalists, radio broadcasters, and industry experts. It covered a wide range of topics, including broadcasting equipment, radio programming formats, industry news, interviews with prominent figures, and insights into emerging technologies.

WorldRadio magazine also showcased reports on various radio markets worldwide, highlighting unique challenges, success stories, and strategies employed by different broadcasters.

Influence and Recognition

WorldRadio magazine gained recognition as a reliable source of information and analysis for professionals in the radio industry. It provided valuable insights into best practices, industry trends, and innovations, serving as a guide for broadcasters, station managers, and radio enthusiasts.

The publication's in-depth coverage, neutral stance, and commitment to factual reporting earned it a respected position within the global radio community. Its articles and analysis were relied upon by industry insiders and helped shape discussions and debates on the future of radio broadcasting.

Initially, WorldRadio magazine primarily existed as a print publication, providing subscribers with a physical copy on a regular basis. However, with the rapid evolution of digital media, the magazine expanded its presence online, offering additional content and features through its website.

The digital platform allowed for real-time reporting, multimedia content, and interactive discussions. WorldRadio magazine adapted to the changing landscape of media consumption, providing its readers with both print and digital options to stay informed about the latest developments in the radio industry.


WorldRadio magazine ceased publication in 2011, marking the end of an era for the radio broadcasting community. Its closure was a loss for many radio professionals who relied on the magazine for industry news, insights, and analysis.

Despite its closure, the magazine's impact and legacy remain significant. It played a vital role in documenting the growth, challenges, and innovations within the radio industry, serving as a valuable resource for professionals and enthusiasts alike.{{Categories}}

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